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Leprosy patients Need toilets, can you help them!

On one side of Jhansi city, Bundelkhand kushth Ashram was situated which constructed in 1946. This Ashram is in an old building, which has become out of use. Despite this, the residents here are happy because they live here with the family. Currently there are about 25 families living here. total number of 80 members. From time to time, NGOs come here and donate food and other items, but it is inadequate for the residents. They say that the permanent problem here is a toilet and bathrooms. There is only a lavatory here, due to which there is a lot of trouble for the people here. At the same time, there are no bathrooms here; women also have to take a bath in the open. Due to having only one toilet on eighty members, the people here have to retire in the open. There is a danger of many types of diseases. Srikanth, the president of the Ashram and the leprosy patient, says that if five toilets and five baths become possible, then the people here will be very comfortable. It requires about five lakhs rupees. The cleanliness drive of the Government of India is also not of any use here. At the same time, the toilet has not been constructed even after writing the governance administration several times. Your little help can bring a smile on the face of leprosy patients.

  • Raised: Rs. 5000
  • Goal: 5 Lakh