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2 lakhs Rs. need for Vikesh's eyes operation

Vikesh, who lives in Banguagwa village near Baruasagar town in Jhansi district, has a black cataract. He can not see the world since his childhood. But, socially very active. He want to operate his eyes. So that He could see the colorful people of the world. They need two lakhs rupees for the operation. If you help, then he can see the world. Vikesh was born on December 27, 1995. He has black cataract since childhood, for this reason he can not see. Doctors have treated 85 percent of their eyes as disabled. His father Pratap Kumar Prajapati works to make pottery. Vikesh has two more brothers, both have been married. Both eyes are healthy. Despite not seeing the eyes, Vikesh is socially active. Vikesh has studied up to class five. However, there was a lot of difficulty in making further studies, due to which he could not study further. He says that if the eyes are alright he will also start his studies.

  • Raised: Rs. 2000
  • Goal: 2 Lakh