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A poor girl needs one lack rupees for a tailoring shop

24-year-old Hemlata Joshi father died in 2009. Her Father was a labour. At that time, the family survives very hard, but after the death of the father, the they was broken. Hemlata has three sisters. For the family Mother become a house maid. Hemlata is a struggling girl. She learned the work of tailoring. She wants to open a tailor shop so that she can initiate of good education to sisters. Your little help can change the life of a poor family.Hemlata has three sisters. They all are studies. The responsibility of the education of the three sisters and the nurturing of the family.Mother Janaki Devi is old, so she can not do any heavy work. Yet he works as a cook in a nearby institute.Despite struggling life, Hemlata did not give up. With the help of an NGO, he took the stitching training. Sewing started at home, but due to the low number of customers in the village, her business could not be very good. After marriage, she has come to help her family with her husband. She wants to open a tailoring shop in Jhansi city, where she can give training to tailoring to make poor girls self-reliant, as well as nurture their families by earning some income.

  • Raised: Rs. 3000
  • Goal: 1 Lakh